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Hands-On Training
Real-World Careers

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Curriculum Activities
Students complete hands-on learning in the context of wood manufacturing, enabling them to build transferable skills for meaningful careers in modern industry. Technic partnerships and advisory committees inform and shape student learning.


Training Areas for Students

  • Workplace and Shop Safety

  • Raw Materials Applications

  • Forestry and Wood Science

  • Woodwork Tool Skills and Machine Operations

  • Plans, Product Design, Blueprints, & Testing

  • CAD Design and CNC Machining

  • Management, LEAN Manufacturing, & Continuous Improvement

  • Cost Analysis, Finance, Inventory, & Record Keeping

  • Product Marketing and Sales

Student Work

Personal Projects

Personal projects allow students to enhance their skills and express their creativity by being the customer of their own efforts.


Project activities include cabinet manufacturing, furniture making, product creation and others.


Along with Technic, schools, students, and families help provide for the costs of materials related to personal projects.

Shop Projects

Shop projects help students build important safety practices and introductory skills working with tools.


Students build products such as rolling shop carts, work benches, saw horses, and small furniture pieces to support their training activities. Technic Training Center provides for the costs of materials related to shop projects.

Community Projects

As a win-win opportunity for young people and our community, Technic students partner with community organizations that have a genuine product need.

During this type of project, Technic students complete the design, manufacture, and install of a needed product. Partner organizations share in the expense of a project by providing for the costs of the product.

Students experience having a real world customer with real quality expectations. They also experience the pride and satisfaction of knowing their lasting work will impact the lives of others.

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