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Technic Training Center needs your help to launch and sustain this meaningful opportunity for students and our region.

You Can Help 


Sponsor Technic Training

  • Become a monthly financial sponsor

  • Make a one time gift

  • Donate materials and supplies

Make A Gift To Technic

Technic Training Center invites you, and the business you may be part of, to financially support this worthy cause and add value to the lives of young
men & women and our community.

Your Financial Support Will Allow For:


  • Access to High Quality Machinery

  • Supporting the Costs of Student Participation

  • Providing Needed Supplies and Materials



To Make A Finanacial Gift to Technic, 
Please Donate Now Or 
Contact Us At:


Check out the Technic Program

  • Tour the Technic facility

  • Share about your business

  • Observe & recruit students in training

Visit Technic


Support Technic Students

Businesses and community leaders have active participation at Technic Training Center. This partnership helps students develop real world skills and establish genuine connections with potential future employers. Business also learn from and recruit Technic students for employment and career needs.


Contact Technic to plan a facility tour or business presentation.

  • Complete an Employer Needs Survey

  • Volunteer your time on the shop floor

  • Join a Technic Advisory Committee

SERVe Students

Contact Technic

Volunteers work with students in the shop environment so they can encourage the personal and professional growth of young people. 


Volunteers bring meaningful value to the lives of students through mentoring and learning relationships. Their participation with Technic also brings value to the lives of mentors, volunteers, and others who encourage the Technic Training Center.

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